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BL-SM-01 2" Sliding Module


A clever modification to our innovative BWTLink linear slide series to achieve a compact and effective sliding module enabling resourceful component designs with passive and/or active linear motion.

Includes the same convenient mounting for our BL-PM-01B pulley modules as well as user-customed attachments.

Pairs with any BWTLink inner slide to accomplish the comprehensive and robust linear motion component.

    Package Included:
  • 6 default length BWTLink T-type screws
  • 6 M3 nuts
  • 12 ballbearings

Weight: 12.82g
Auto-control Slide Module demo CAD

This module is a good solution for our [BWTLink Design Chanllenge 2023 Slide Conservation] competition. Watch the video listed in the left panel to see closer how this module is moved in and out without extra servo.



--- Samples of using this Sliding Module ---

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