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BL-PM-01B Anodized Black Slide Pulley Module


This specially designed pulley module allows BL-300/BL-400 series to stack slides efficiently. Some notable features include:
  • has a 3x10x3mm V-type pulley attached by a 3mm set screw. Loosening this screw allows for easy loading/unloading of string without need to disassemble the entire slide stack.
  • provides natural string guard that ensures string does not fall off the pulley.
  • two small holes (1) on the top of module can be used for making a Clove Hitch (2) knot to build Cascade Rigging.

1, Since Dec 1st, 2023, these two holes are M2.5 threaded for using M2.5 screw with a washer to hold the end of the string quickly.
2, Clove Hitch knot is a strong and easy use method for tightening the string.

This module can be used with BL-300/BL-400 series slides as well as most other structural parts.

Weight: 3.20g



BL-300 4-stack Slides used by FTC Team 18225 High Definition

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