Q: Can I continuously rig BWTLink slides?
A: Yes! Just thread a string through the pulley modules on the slides. You may reference this video to see an example.

Q: Can I cascade rig BWTLink slides?
A: Yes! There are holes at the top of each pulley module that are intended for you to tie your strings onto. You may reference this video to see an example.

Q: How do I retract my slides?
A: This depends on how you mount them. If they are vertical, it is viable to have the slides free fall and retract. For other orientations or for better control, you can run a retraction string back in both cascade or continuously rigged slides. The videos above show the retract mounting.

Q: How many slides can I stack?
A: As much as you want - you are limited by the amount of weight you can withstand and how fast you wish the slides to be.

Q: My slides are binding. Why? What can I do?
A: The possible reasons for slides binding are:
  1. The slides’ lubricant has dried up over time/long-term use. Simply clean the remaining traces of the lubricant and newly apply some more.
  2. There is debris inside the channels that the ball bearings are traveling within. Try to clean the inner and outer slide grooves and see if its better. If not, take the slide apart and clean the ball bearings a bit - after that it should be good.
  3. Over long term usage at high speeds, it’s possible that the end stops have warped through constant collision with the ball bearings and henceforth is stopping the ball bearings from rolling as intended. Try to reshape (Read "How to fix binding") the end stop allow ball bearings to travel as normal. For general rule of thumb, its best to either add a stopper that prevents the slides from slamming the end stops with excessive force repeatedly or use software to slow down the retraction when the slide is close to fully retracted.
Q: How do I connect slides together?
A: As all other slides, make use of lowhead countersunk M4 screws. With the pulley models on the side of the slides, you are able to mount the slides back to back, saving space and adding extra stability. As a result, 6mm M4 screws work the best. You can order our screws in the shop with the slides.

Q: How do I take a slide apart to clean?
A: With this slide design, it is easy to take stuff apart. Simply unscrew 4 nuts on back end, remove those screws, and then you can pull the inner slide out.