BL-300C-2M 12" Anodized Black Slide


The BL-300C-2M slide, part of our BWTLink slide family, comes with these features:
  • Newly designed end stops (see the image gallery) which mitigate the binding issues caused from high speed ramming.
  • No wobbling during slide extension or retraction;
  • Fits ALL build patterns of FTC (goBilda, REV, Tetrix, and Actobotics);
  • BL-300C-2M and BL-350C-2M can stack on each other via newly added mounting holes on the outer slide;
  • Can stack directly with M4-6-5.5 screws (6mm) on top of each other without extra spacers; this will make slide-stacks stronger, smaller, and increasingly more stable;
  • Any singular slide can be dismounted directly from a stack of slides without need to uninstall all other slides (watch this video);
  • Can mount up to 4 BWTLink specially designed Pulley Modules BL-PM-01B easily;
  • Can use pulley module mounting sites to attach user-customized module(s)/part(s);
  • Equipped with 3 sets of ball bearings that help prevent slide from wobbling between open and close;

Included: 2 BL-PM-01B Anodized Black Slide Pulley Modules
Weight: 101.0g

More BL-300C-2M 12" will be available around Sep 22nd, 2023. Sorry for your inconvenience.



Total extension length of number of stacked slides (BL-300C-2M) = 205mm X # of stacked slides
e.g. for 4 stacked 12" slides, the total extension = 205mm X 4 = 820mm.

BL-300 4-stack Slides used by FTC Team 18225 High Definition

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